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The buzzing sound is from the motor I chose to use, not something you can notice with music. If I forgot anything, please feel free to ask! As always, Thank you

All the stuff for this is readily available and you can probly grab the stuff for about 5 to 10 dollars to make it. As you can see, cheap and effective! I am going to cross my fingers and hope the link works so you can see the video

NHL unveils 2019 All-Star jerseys with black and white look, team logos on the chest It's the first time that an NHL All-Star jersey will have team logos on the front

Lasers can be dangerous, even tho this will not cut people in half, but the light can cause temporary blindness. Please use with caution and use your own discretion please! If anyone has remarks about any laser accidents being my fault, I will reply the same, go to a doctor

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