St. Louis City SC Unveils Plans for Handicap-Accessible Stadium

St. Louis City SC Unveils Plans for Handicap-Accessible Stadium

St. Louis City SC, the newest expansion team of Major League Soccer, has announced plans for a state-of-the-art stadium that will be fully accessible to individuals with disabilities. This commitment to accessibility is a milestone in sports entertainment, and marks the start of a new era in which sports venues will be more welcoming and inclusive to all fans.

The new stadium will feature a variety of accommodations for wheelchair and mobility-impaired fans. These include accessible entrances, handicapped parking spaces, and an elevator providing access to the upper deck. Additionally, the stadium will offer wheelchair seating throughout the arena, with companion seating available adjacent to each wheelchair space.

St. Louis City SC is also proud to offer amenities that go beyond basic accessibility, such as assistive listening devices, large print and Braille signage, and captioning services for live events. The team has worked closely with disability advocates to ensure that all fans feel comfortable and welcome at its events.

St. Louis City SC’s commitment to accessibility is not limited to its stadium design. The team also plans to offer a mobile app that will provide real-time information about stadium accessibility features, and will encourage fans to provide feedback about their experiences. Through this ongoing dialogue, the team hopes to continually improve the accessibility of its facilities and events.

Overall, St. Louis City SC’s focus on accessibility sets a new standard for sports entertainment. By creating a welcoming and inclusive environment for all fans, the team demonstrates its commitment to fairness, equality, and the spirit of the game. We applaud St. Louis City SC for its leadership in this important area and look forward to the team’s exciting debut in the upcoming season.

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